Tell me more!

How is it made?

The edgings of our kun-kun blanket are manually sewed in to further protect the cotton filling from spilling out.

We manufacture in small batches per time which is why we encourage placing a reservation during times when we're out of stock.


Is it hot?

That's a typical first impression of our blankets, but, no, it wouldn't be hot. We designed our blankets to suit our Philippine climate. Used with the A/C on, our blankets will give you a sweet toasty feel that will help lull you to sleep.


Is this a "weighted blanket"?
No. We do not classify it the same way as "weighted blankets" in the market today. That is not our product purpose. Weighted blankets usually have glass beads to make up their weight; whereas the kun-kun blanket is stuffed with pure organic cotton in all corners.

Our kun-kun blanket is more comparable to a fluffy comforter, but made more special.


What is the deal with dotted blankets?

A lot of moms opt for dotted minky blankets especially for their newborns; it’s said that the dots can stimulate a baby’s young senses, helping them ease into the world outside the womb (that’s why babies are always touching the dots).

Based on our personal experiences and feedback we received from customers, the protruded dots do have this calming effect, inducing better sleep. 

We essentially made an enhanced and jumbo version that is more suitable for adults.

It's time that we also sleep like babies!


How do you wash it?

It's easy to clean and maintain your kun-kun blanket.

It's machine friendly (cold wash!) and dryer friendly (no heat or max low heat). We recommend to hang the blanket to dry under the sun to get that lovely "crispy laundered" feel.

We advise to avoid using fabric conditioner as this can cause shedding, and use minimal liquid detergent.

If you were to bring it to the neighborhood laundry shop, normal wash will suffice (avoid dry cleaning).  

Have any other questions? Please message us on IG (@kunkunph). It will be our pleasure to tell you more about our products!